know how to sell (customers analysis)

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No matter what kind of manager you are. You should be aware that you are selling. Yes! You are selling all the time, to everyone. Unfortunately, most of the managers do not know how to sell, because nobody have trained them.

You should help selling!

Has anybody ever ask you for “help with selling”, or maybe you have got the felling that you should do it? Most of managers have heard something like that, and most of them treat this as an empty wish. Why? Because they do not know how to sell and where to start.

How to sell, if you do not know where to start!

The best advice for every one who wants to start is to….start anywhere. Yes, no matter where you start, the important thing is that you will try.

You might do it this way. First of all try to determine the personality of your customer. You could use the personalities description presented in “Guerilla Selling” written by Orvel Ray Wilson and William K. Gallagher.

The customers could be:

  • Amorals – They do not distinguish between right or wrong. They strongly believe that end justifies the means. They do not need to be gratified because the only acceptable reward for them is self-reward.
  • Egos – They believes that everything what they own is the best. They are self-oriented, and think of them themselves like the were the centre of the universe. They are focused on improving their good look. They like to act as a hero, therefore they create and solve their own problems. They think of themselves as “gift of the Gods to the organisation”.
  • Pleasers – They are very helpful. They feel committed to care about others. They want to be liked by everyone. They do not want to offend anyone. Usually, they have problems with decisions making because they are afraid that someone being offended.
  • Authorities – They believe in logic and rules. They argue that if everyone will play fair then everything is possible to do. They might be intolerant. They strongly believe in an expert analysis and advices.
  • Principles – They act as a part of global society and want to help others without any reward. They believe that universal truths are the most important. They are very tolerant to differences and others opinions.
  • Responsibles – They know that their own happiness is not the point. They believe that everything could be managed and the results are equal to their commitment.
  • Universals – They empower other people to reach their goals. They reached the higher potential as a human being. They are very joyful.

Usually, the first two and the last two are rarely seen, so you could start your matching from the characteristics in the middle. The next step will be to try one of the sales methodology, which provide solution for handling sale with specific customers. I strongly prefer methodology ORDER, which I will try to describe in the next post. In the meantime, please share with me your comments, or maybe you would like to add some new characteristic to this post? Please do not hesitate and let me know.


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I am an adviser, project manager, consultant and business coach. I like to experience and learn about everything that is valuable to great leaders. I believe that the best result are possible by: practicing continuous learning, and sharing with others. I am always committed to my work. I like face to face conversation with customers, as well as public speaking. Oh, and what is obvious ... I love to read :).